4K #2 & 3 Kinsman Mountains

The summit of Kinsman was totally in the clouds, without reward. Though nearly without wind, surprising. It was a pretty wicked climb. At times it seemed the trail was routed right down streams and waterfalls on both sides. Many people opt for a local hostel to "slack pack" on Moosilauke and Kinsmans. A slack pack... Continue Reading →

Wet in the Whites

The temperatures are beginning to drop. A cold front is moving in and the lows are dipping into the 30s. I'm on the north side of Mt. Moosilauke and working my way towards the Kinsman Mountains. Moosilauke was a tough climb. I seriously can't imagine climbing multiple 4K mountains like this in a single day.... Continue Reading →

I’m Still Alive

At some point crawling north up through Maine, AT&T permanently ceases to exist. I've had no data and little power for some time. The last couple places I visited ran off generators and propane deep in the Maine 100 Mile Wilderness. They don't spare much power out here. My favorite place in Maine was Whitehouse... Continue Reading →

4K #1 Mt. Moosilauke

Just some of the sights along the way: Kinsman Mountain, the next horizon line goal and big 4K climb. At the bottom I was greeted by a trail angel with sodas and donuts. I hung out with her for about 15 minutes when Matt, my buddy from the train, picked me up with his friend... Continue Reading →

Wachipauka Pond

Damn I'm glad I took this blue trail down to Wachipauka Pond late the next afternoon. I decided to call it a day immediately once I saw how nice it was. It's hot and New Hampshire's a tough and beautiful place. I'm changing up my meals. I have to get more protein and fiber and... Continue Reading →

Hexacuba on Mt Cube

Today the weather is great for taking your shirt off on a summit and getting some sun. There's the perfect amount of cool breeze and hot sun mixing together. It's late morning on my first summit of the day. At this point my body is a processor of the steady stream of spring water I'm... Continue Reading →

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