Human Nature Hostel

Sickness settled in fully. I'm really feeling terrible. With the cold and constantly damp weather, limited day light and zero energy, shit is rough going working through Maine. It's hard enough feeling well. I need a reprieve. I need to get dry and warm and find some meds or something. I hooked up with The... Continue Reading →

Wild Ass Maine

Right away Maine proves to be wild. Like really unkempt and wild. New challenges, disguised knee deep mud, rocky slides, boulder fields, you name it... it's here. Despite the feeling of sickness continuing, it's fun too. It's also getting cold. The constant running of your nose all day does become annoying. Everyone employees the use... Continue Reading →

Goodbye New Hampshire

After my first night in Gorham I checked out of the motel and ran into a few hikers I've seen around. One of them, Tokie, I had met originally back in Hanover and hiked with on multiple occasions. Both of us still needed to resupply. We decided we would make our way about 5 miles... Continue Reading →

Zealand Falls

So ya, another day of pushing it with tight water constraints, and no coffee in the morning before starting. I just had to get moving and make my way down to the falls or the next AMC hut where I can refill on water. But as you saw in the video, I noticed a small... Continue Reading →

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