Monday Morning on a Beach in Maine

I slept so soundly after the late night hike in, with the waves lapping up and that little bit of pride in a partially foraged full stomach.

Without alarm, I automatically woke just as the sun crested the horizon. That’s almost as amazing as the moment itself.

It was more than breathtaking, it was quite literally thought arresting. Of course it’s also about 1 minute after I woke up. Not hard to go brain dead, but the peace was deep throughout my stay at this little oasis.

I walked the shoreline collecting firewood, surveying about. Nope, no signs of Bigfoot. Then I brewed up some coffee and took it all in, in the daylight.

I spent a bit of time reflecting on some of my favorite weird tenting spots along the way. Beyond the miles of vast national forest land and the multiple river and summit stays in each state:

In the backyards of:

This wilderness beach spot is just so great. I think it might win out for unique tent spots.

The fire is perfect, the morning cool enough for it to be appreciated and nearly breezeless. Apparently there’s a warm front coming today and tomorrow, I can already feel the shift. I decided it was time to stir up some breakfast, more coffee with a side of instant pudding.

Late morning I heard some conversation coming from the trail. This site is a short hop off the trail. I yelled out fairly sure I knew who it was and sure enough Wing-It and British girl, (whom I can’t recall her name) came down and enjoyed a long break on the beach.

Wing It is former marine and it was his summit flag he carried across the entire country that I used for the flag pic. It was also his ramen I ate last night. His continued generosity later would actually floor me for a moment.

I shared my plans about Whitehouse Landing awhile back and a consensus of the nearby hikers, mostly Trash People, are interested to check it out too. The words getting out, a call for one last hostel oorah before it’s all over. And everyone thought Shaw’s was the last place! Pfft.

They departed and I stayed behind yet awhile longer. The suns coming out now and the whole scene is just popping.

I even took the time to play in the sand and take some more scenic pictures.

With the quickly warming sun and fire, I took the opportunity to wash up as well. Damn I felt better. And I get to mark off swimming in Maine, sort of… ok, splashing off thoroughly in Maine. Check.

What a special spot this was. I’ll for sure remember this place always.

Before to much hunger sets in though, I better get moving to my resupply. There’s a couple potential unknowns in my plan, but again the red carpet leads the way.

Right to this sign, if you choose the short blue trail to the right, at NOBO mile marker 2,145.3, to Mahar Tote Road.

That roughly .5 mile path will lead you to a small campsite on a sandy beach, with a dock. Next to the dock is another sign, with a two-way radio.

Two, maybe three times a day, you can get a courtesy boat shuttle pickup. The final run of the day is around 3pm, diner is at 5 in the main house. More on all this next post.

Until then, enjoy the boat ride there with me below:

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