Foraging to the Beach

Big mile days are tough in the rain, simply because it sucks to get started in the wet and cold; but also too, the shortening daylight hours in Maine are getting painful for me.

A second day in a row of sun is really helping me make some continued better miles, as well as boost the mood. As you pump along the red carpeted floor of the trail, with the forest whizzing alongside, you can get lost in plenty of sentiment while rolling through a tunnel of fall colors to the end of nearly half a years worth of daily struggle and maximum effort commitment.

The head/chest cold that has hung with me throughout all of Maine is finally about gone, for good this time. I’m well past being sick of that shit! Good riddance. Let’s be honest though too, I should of quite smoking by now… I can’t believe I continued that crap through this whole thing and I’m here at the end, and still smoking. Really!? Have I said before that the trail won’t solve your problems? It won’t. Especially when 60% of those around you are smoking your problem too lol.

Pushing on I came across another couple members of the Trash People. My man Wing It came in with a generous offering of a fancy ramen noodle and some cookies, surplus from his big food drop. My food supply was down to 2 cups of stuffing, 1 large piece of jerky, a lemon instant pudding, coffee and algae pills. Oh and that one protein bar I just couldn’t stomach eating anymore of, but have left crushed up in the bottom of my food bag since leaving my boat behind in Harper’s Ferry and entering Maryland! Ya, for real… “just in case” I kept telling myself. It almost got eaten.

But with a hard push until about midnight, I could make it to a beach that would leave me only 6 miles outside a pickup point to the only establishment in the entire 100 Mile Wilderness stretch it would appear. So I left Wing It behind and pushed on into the night.

I foraged up some lions maine and a muscle, that I ended up tossing back, and made mushroom soup with that fancy assed ramen noodle. It came out fantastic and the deep Maine experience was surreal sitting there in the sand on a dark shoreline at 1am. Sipping a pot full of hot soup, the forest at my back, stars out in force and the moon beaming off the lake.

I surveyed the illuminated shore lines looking for any sign of life. If ever there was a time for some shit like Bigfoot to make an appearance, now felt like it could be it. Maybe he’ll just shimmy up to the lake and refill his moose testicle water skins and wash out his bear skull bowl? Or maybe he figured out how to do basic upgrades with all the crap people leave behind, like water bottles? I mean at this point if Bigfoot was real, wouldn’t he at least be wielding a busted fishing pole with a water bottle or two strapped up? Like that naked dude I saw in New York. Bigfoot needs protein too!

I’ll have pudding and coffee for breakfast tomorrow, enjoy a late Monday morning with coffee and fire on the beach, then hit a resupply by midday at a hunting lodge named Whitehouse Landing. My food bag perfectly empty, except for that emergency bar that apparently is worse at this point than starving.

And this place it turns out, would not only be my most critical resupply of the whole trail, but one of my absolute favorite stays too. Get ready for one more vortex and my final Appalachian Trail hostel tour next! God I loved this place.

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