Shaw’s Hostel

I rolled into Shaw’s and hid out for 2 nights in a row. I felt terrible obviously being sick in a community bunk house, but I had no choice. I’m on my second bottle of Muscinex and I have nothing in the tank. One of which I found in the hiker box at Human Nature Hostel, it hadn’t even been opened, amazing.

But hey, just because I’m sick doesn’t mean I don’t rally a bit here at end of this adventure and go out.

Monson is the last stop before the 100 Mile Wilderness. Careful consideration, planning and resupply is necessary before jumping into the final 100+ mile leg of the AT.

There’s a lot of different approaches hikers are taking to prepare for this final leg. Some are getting multiple boxes of resupplies mailed, others, like me are paying exorbitant prices for local goods, but everyone is prepping the heaviest packs of their whole journey it seems. Even guitars and heavy sleeping bags were being freshly unpacked from mail drops.

Shaw’s hostel has a gear shop and all you can eat home cooked breakfast every morning. It’s family run and feels like a home. Couldn’t recommend it enough. A lot of hikers mention this is their favorite place, on some scales I can see why.

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