Human Nature Hostel

Sickness settled in fully. I’m really feeling terrible. With the cold and constantly damp weather, limited day light and zero energy, shit is rough going working through Maine.

It’s hard enough feeling well. I need a reprieve. I need to get dry and warm and find some meds or something.

I hooked up with The General and we got a hitch from a weekend hiker at a trail head parking lot to some small town I can’t remember the name of. It was actually a large back track in miles.

After a sub sandwich lunch at the only store in town, we found the only Uber in the region to pick us up and take us to a new hostel outside Andover.

The Human-Nature Hostel was started by a guy with a vision. His trail name is Yukon. Using money from successfully completing three different appearance on Naked and Afraid, the former marine built his geodesic dome and opened it up for hikers. He plans on creating a survival school along with it soon.

Yukon is a bit abrupt and opinionated, rough around the edges one could say. But hey, what do expect from a former Marine and badass survivalist? He has a heart to help and warms up quick enough, especially once you find out you have some common ground. You can check out a couple minutes from one of his episodes in season 4 of Naked and Afraid, called Alligator Alley, below.

The prices here are good, actually for Maine they’re great. Supplies and rooms are getting expensive. Don’t forget to account for this in your planning. Maine’s laws also allow for interesting loop holes.

The dome is pretty sweet. After storing your gear in an outside shed area, long hot showers are waiting for you. I’m not even sure how long it’s been since I enjoyed warmth and a hot shower. I’m sure my stink is at an all time high, hell I’m sleeping with wet socks every night… but it’s par for the course for us all.

The hiker common area and bunkhouse is all located downstairs. A washer and dryer, refrigerator for your beer run (that I didn’t bother with) couches and a TV with Netflix are a welcome respite.

The General and I stayed two days while McNasty, Tokie and a couple others caught up and joined us.

Yukon makes a special “AT” all you can eat pancake breakfast in the morning. Word of warning, it’s at 7am sharp. If you are the first to wonder downstairs at 7:04 expecting it to start up for you, you are going to be disappointed. It ain’t happening, you missed it, and Yukon won’t be shy about informing you about the rules…

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