Wild Ass Maine

Right away Maine proves to be wild. Like really unkempt and wild. New challenges, disguised knee deep mud, rocky slides, boulder fields, you name it… it’s here.

Despite the feeling of sickness continuing, it’s fun too. It’s also getting cold. The constant running of your nose all day does become annoying. Everyone employees the use of the “hiker’s blow” (in Texas this is known as the farmer’s blow). I think the method speaks for itself.

Unfortunately a month or so from this point, in Charleston South Carolina, while trying to capture dolphins in the water with the GoPro attached to my kayak paddle… I’m going to lose my damn camera in the water again! This before I have the chance to transfer the southern Maine footage to my phone for editing. Though once I get to the 100 Mile Wilderness I have more footage because I couldn’t spare the power to keep the camera charged and started doing everything on my phone again.

That’s Tokie down there, my most consistent hiking buddy these days. I’m also spending more time in the tent as my energy levels plummet and darkness falls early as hell up here. Hiker midnight is about 6pm now.

I’m really sad about loosing the footage. I had decided to take the time to do much better shots all over southern Maine, removing the camera from my shoulder and staking my stick down to capture the various climbs and obstacles… Now all gone in the sea.

I’m certain I’ll return to Maine one day and hike some length of the IAT. That’s the International Appalachian Trail. Did you know it goes all the way to freakin Morocco! Ya, as in Africa.

The Appalachian Mountains are the oldest in the world, Pangea split 250 million years ago and geologically speaking… half of the mountains ended up on the North American continent and edge up and around New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Greenland, Iceland on down Norway and Western Europe to the top of Africa. The IAT has been working to string routes together. Of course this involves various boats and planes if one were to attempt it all, crazy. That would just be… idiocracy. Right?

It’s consistently cold and wet up here as Fall settles into Maine. You have to resort to sticking your socks and things in your bag with you so your body heat can help dry them out over night. If you let your water filter freeze up it’s ruined as well. I’m sure it smells wonderful, but seriously, I can’t tell anymore. Not on me or anyone else, and I don’t care at all.

There’s a great stretch for a couple miles of this boulder field called Mahoosac Notch. It’s like a hikers playground. It’s the only place I thought to myself, “maybe I shouldn’t of hiked alone here… If I slipped and feel down between these boulders, I’d be really screwed.” The only 2 pics I have here just don’t do it justice. Below is a fun little hole you get to crawl through.

I took extra time to film and crawl around while in the Notch. Setting up the camera, going through it, dropping my pack then leaping and crawling back to retrieve the camera. This is the video footage I’m most upset about loosing.

Maine is just gorgeous though. More wild than anything I’ve ever experienced. It also comes with a really noticeable quite and deep void about it. The majority of the day you only hear the wind in the trees. Maybe it’s my constant battling of sickness from this cold and prolonged shitty nutrition, maybe it’s the looming end of this adventure I never want to end and the return of the inevitable reality around the corner? But there’s something really somber about Maine to me.

Ya that’s it… somber, still and intense quite, everywhere.

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