Zealand Falls

So ya, another day of pushing it with tight water constraints, and no coffee in the morning before starting. I just had to get moving and make my way down to the falls or the next AMC hut where I can refill on water.

But as you saw in the video, I noticed a small spring on the trail and decided to push the limits of my water filter.

It was enough to refresh me and I stopped at the falls to get some much better water, flush out my filter and wash up.

I stopped in on the Zealand Hut to make coffee and breakfast, clean my pot and refill everything with water.

A 12 mile day and I’ll find myself at the beginning of the Presidential Range tomorrow. If I push hard, I’ll beat the storms and make my way over Washington.

It’s an easy day, mostly descending as I make my way to the base of Mount Webster.

I originally planned to stealth camp on some cliffs almost at the peak, then decided to stop at the last water source near the base and stealth camp there.

Tomorrow is going to be a huge day. I’m planning to traverse the majority of the entire Presidential Range in a single day, and again, water is going to be very tight throughout. I’m going to prepare better for this next round…

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    1. I used a Lifestraw product, most use a Sawyer squeeze. Eventually I’ll get to a more in depth post on my thoughts here, but no charcoal or chemicals of any kind are involved. Microorganisms are physically removed. Imagine really small tubes with even smaller pores (.02 microns) that trap contaminants, but allow water to flow through. The adapter top is stuffed with these tubes and fits onto that flexible container. I was happy with my choice and used it the whole way.

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