Wachipauka Pond

Damn I’m glad I took this blue trail down to Wachipauka Pond late the next afternoon. I decided to call it a day immediately once I saw how nice it was.

It’s hot and New Hampshire’s a tough and beautiful place.

I’m changing up my meals. I have to get more protein and fiber and enjoy what I’m eating again. The ammonia smell is definitely coming from me. I’m so sick of tuna, I never liked the shit to begin with. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve eaten it before this trip. Once I dropped it from the diet, I didn’t do so good a job replacing protein with alternatives. And this at the worst time. There’s nothing I can do in this stretch to adjust my food supplies.

I soaked cut up buffalo jerky and dehydrated beans until the water boiled, then dumped in a package of spam and a packet of chili powder and a couple packets of catchup. Brought it back to a boil and added a cup of stuffing. Stirred it well, covered and removed it from the heat for 15 minutes. It tasted just like chili to me, such a refreshing change, to not taste tuna.

My new favorite desert is instant pudding. The powder packs out light and seems to setup just fine without being refrigerated. If you’re not camping by a water source, it can still be made into a custard like filling with little water. If you have easy access to water, it’ll hold a ton of it and provide you with a giant desert to spoon on for a long time. I’m in a huge lemon pudding kick right now.

The weather is perfect for a 20 degree bag with nothing on the tent. The stars are amazing tonight, with a giant swath of the Milky Way visible through the netting later on and more satellites than meteorites.

3 thoughts on “Wachipauka Pond

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  1. I really love the craft and composition you put into your video edits. You’ll have the dvr film of a lifetime when you’re done. And you’re on the home stretch!

    Cheering you on from Virginia–


  2. Clay….the computer says you need more carbs for the amount of excersize your doing! And dehydration will also make an amonia smell cause your kidneys can’t deal with the acid. It also says to much protein will cause acid……that then affects the kidneys . it says your muscles needs extra carbohydrates.


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