Hexacuba on Mt Cube

Today the weather is great for taking your shirt off on a summit and getting some sun. There’s the perfect amount of cool breeze and hot sun mixing together. It’s late morning on my first summit of the day.

At this point my body is a processor of the steady stream of spring water I’m always pouring through it, for months now. I haven’t wore deodorant this whole time. I’m drenched in sweat each day, over and over again. Mountain air at night isn’t going to help anything dry, but things can dry out really fast up here on a day like today. I have taken to drying out my clothes on good summits often as I alternate them about.

I took a break in this pool mid afternoon and cooled off. I’m also still monitoring the new smell my body is producing… ammonia. I think it is me and not just my clothes. It’s a definite sign I’m not getting enough protein and my body is pulling from muscle having little fat reserves left.

These steep smooth scrambles are becoming much more common. They make the climbs interesting. You have to stop down and plot your course of action verses simply improvising your next few steps at a time as you flow along.

I’m already on the other side of Smarts Mountain, where the fire tower was, and it’s receding into the list of horizons in my past quickly. Giving me confidence for the trail ahead as it grows smaller.

Sitting at a gap along the trail having lunch, I noticed the first sign of fall leaves beginning to turn. I suspect winter and I are going to have a head-on collision soon enough. Or at least what I, as a Texas boy, views as winter…

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  1. New Hampshire looks amazing with the incredible vistas, and its “Green Tunnel” sounds intriguing. You’ve shared some great views of the countryside all the way up the east coast but these are some of the best since North Carolina and Virginia. It looks like the jump forward to Hanover was a great call.

    This part of the trail looks so raw with its rock scrambles It must feel so rewarding when you put one of the 4K big boys behind you. We’re hoping that the fall weather holds out for you so that you can make it to the end.


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