Restoring Down Sleeping Bag Loft

Down in the basement of the Hanover Rec Center there are showers and DIY laundry. It’s only a few minutes walk from the edge of the woods by the Dartmouth sports fields.

Its a really great service they allow to go on. The hall is filled with notes of appreciation from hikers passing through.

I had washed my sleeping bag some time back and it just hasn’t been right since. Heading into The White Mountains in September, conditions are likely going to start getting cold.

I found a method that might correct the sleeping bag situation, see the video below.

Basically in place of tennis balls I knotted up my socks and the loaner clothes the rec center provided so they could beat the bag up while tumbling on no-heat fluff dry.

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  1. FYI…grandma always put feather pillows in the dryer on a hot setting for 50 minutes twice a year to kill germs and fluff. Only once a year did she wash them….then she put them thr two drying cycles… you!


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