Me and My Pack in NYC

Time Square is right next to Port Authority, and the hostel I found a deal on was just north or that.

So I meandered along taking it all in.

The hustle and bustle is fun, but it’s just such a massive change going from a prolonged time in creation to wondering around in one of the largest forests of man.

Instead of going from Times Square to the hostel to cleanup, I decided to keep wondering with my pack on and get the full experience of being a hiker in this concrete jungle. There’s much stranger and stinkier (ok maybe not stinkier) stuff along the way, than a dude with a big backpack.

I think the over stimulation and madness subconsciously sent me to Central Park to ease myself back into society.

I walked a loop within half the park.

Taking small breaks along the way to observe and reflect.

I exited out of the corner of the park and there was Trump Tower. A few years ago I would of never of known, or cared, what that building was.

I walked back up, this time choosing 6th street.

Knowing I couldn’t likely pull off seeing this taping, I filled an online rsvp form for the Today Show. I bet I could of got on in the background at least. If I had my pack on and a good sign… maybe more? I never found out.

Ahh yes, the freak show is coming more alive as evening descends.

I captured the perfect moment of American diversity without even trying! From left to right:

A sista not giving a damn about the public nudity. A stylish conservative appalled by the public nudity. An Asian politely ignoring the nudity. A brutha giddy with the blessing of public nudity. A suburban housewife in sudden panic mode about the shocker of public nudity. And of course the twelve year old boy, who likely saw her before any of them and is desperately trying to get one more taste before his mom initiates a forceful right turn by the shoulders. And finally the Hispanic guy eyeing her like he has a realistic chance. Ya ok, there’s no Hispanic guy, he’s washing dishes across the street. It was almost the perfect American diversity moment. Damnit!

I watched it all unfold with a smile. People watching around here is fun.

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