New York’s a Zoo

So apparently the AT literally goes through a zoo in New York. Even though I’ve always thought zoo’s are the most over rated let down of an attraction out there, it was weird enough to be an entertaining stroll.

The Bear Mountain Resort is a good place to kick back for a few hours. Inside you can purchase beer or visit the hiker deli and charge your stuff in back. You know, where most places keep stinky hikers.

Further down the trail you’ll first encounter a concession stand. They sell burgers and are cheaper than the deli sandwiches. Next a large pool. Thru-hikers can apparently swim for free. I didn’t take advantage of the offer. Finally a zoo and trail museum.

It’s not a standard zoo. Most of the animals are either healing up or retired. Something like that…?

Or maybe they’re just beaten by a full existence of cage life. Whatever the case, they’re all extra pathetic.

But that’s what I see every time I go to the zoo since I was a kid.

Feel like getting weird and throwing a curve ball of culture shock at yourself? There are daily shuttles for $14 to New York City, Port Authority. You could be strolling right in the center of Time Square in minutes. Exiting through the south side of all this bullshit, I pulled a hard U-turn and decided to go back through it all and catch the shuttle in front of the resort area on the north side. NYC or bust, I guess…?

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