New York: The Night After Attempt

I really wasn’t in the mood to crash in a shelter. There was also a real awkward section hiker from New York in there. I stuck around just long enough to eat and bop out.

I found a blue blaze trail on my map that descends two miles to Lake Tiorati. I set out to traverse the rocky, little used path, as darkness fell. Once I hit the park road, another easy 2 miles brought me to a set of vending machines that accept debit cards, score!

I took pictures on my way out in the morning. Down in this center was a large table and electric outlets behind vending machines that dispense ice cream, drinks and candy. I had a ridiculous junk feast.

So ya, I slept right there on top of the table, under the soft glow of vending machines lol. I left my stuff plugged in to charge overnight. Blew up my air mattress and laid down for the night to work on blog stuff until I passed out.

One more ice cream in the morning for the road, Orange Dreamcicle. I was cleaned up and out by sunrise, no one the wiser.

The park road connects back up with the trail a mile down. I planned on summiting Bear Mountain, then exploring the zoo, pool and museum that apparently is directly on trail afterwards…

Good views of the Hudson River on the way down Bear Mountain.

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