New York: Day After Attempt

My first day on the trail in Georgia completely took everything I had. I accomplished 9 miles and less than 2,000 feet in elevation and was absolutely spent. The next morning I woke up with everything sore.

The first time I pulled off 40+ miles, I was left injured and hobbling for two weeks in Tennessee. It’s amazing how quick you can really tune your body if you create the opportunity and push it along.

In just over three months, I’m waking to find my body is just fine after the 40 miles. No massive swollen ankles, limpy knees or even muscle soreness much beyond the normal.

That said, I’m still tired, but not feeling deflated. I made it a short day once I came upon this lake. I needed a swim and a washing. Again I filled up my air mat and used it as a flotation device in the lake. I washed and hung my clothes around on the bushes. The steady warm breeze helped dry them out fairly quick, after an intense wringing out. Nobody cares about wrinkles out here.

Sitting there in my underwear drying out by the lake, another random naked dude sighting occurred. This gentleman, wearing only his intertube and fishing pole(s), walked by and bid me to, “Have a fine evening dude,” as he just casually strolled along. I don’t think he had much luck catching anything. Not sure what he was using as bait…?

After a few hours at the lake, I pushed on to the next shelter. There were “no camping” signs around the lake and a decent amount of foot traffic.

I wasn’t aware just yet, but I would end up night hiking again and sleeping somewhere less than normal.

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