NY Double Marathon Attempt (pt 3)

Sunrise over New York on the second morning.

The day looms on, the sun is suddenly high and hot.

Extra hot, as I work down the decent of the nights strange climb. After cooking a hot breakfast/dinner and making coffee up on that ridge, I had to run in conservation mode pretty hard with water. Everything comes at a price, especially making meals on summits, typically as far from a water source as possible.

I stopped down in this fall and cooled off and refilled water, pounding as much as I could the whole time.

The trail really starts whipping my ass. You just can’t make quick miles through this stuff.

This is how I felt as each climb back up the next summit seemed to be a never ending run of awkward rocks.

Screw it, I’m done at almost 28 hours, 40 miles, 5,050 ft in elevation and 88,842 steps. Not bad for not really having the heart to persevere I guess, still I’m disappointed.

In the end I talked myself out of it. Wanting to make sure I wasn’t going to blow my knees or ankles out like the first time and jeopardize a time schedule already to tight. I know I can do it. I could of done it that day.

Final stats:

6 thoughts on “NY Double Marathon Attempt (pt 3)

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  1. That rocky trail makes it really difficult to make good time. If you rush it you are likely to turn an ankle or worse.
    Just a FYI… instead of coming out here to The Carolinas for Huricane Florence I was suppose to go to Colorado on a prairie dog shoot with my friends Chris and TR. Yesterday Chris tripped and fell and broke his arm while shooting PDs. And it wasn’t nearly as rough as that trail you are on LOL. Be careful.


  2. What happened to what looks like your leg? That’s really impossible terain…don’t know how your getting through that stuff! Take it easy okay.


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