NY Double Marathon Attempt (pt 1)

Looking at the elevations on the map leaving Unionville (NOBO) it seemed like a place where I may be able to pull big miles.

Of course the terrain itself is unknown to me without digging further. I just know there are miles of this type of trail through flatlands. I slowly warmed up to the idea over the course of the morning, but my heart was never really into it.

I am enjoying the walk, as long as you keep moving, else the mosquitoes will get’chya. I’m just not feeling especially up for an attempted 52.4 mile hike in one waking period. I’m predicting it will take me 32-34 hours total.

I’m also at full resupply. I could of done two things differently. One, buy less and plan for another resupply. Food is the heaviest thing you have. I didn’t see much in the way of potential resupply though, but I also didn’t look 50 miles down trail on the maps. Duh… The other option could of been to ship my winter gear and sleeping bag via USPS to a town up the line and pick it back up.

The trail is unique through here.

There were many miles in wet lands and low lying marshes.

I’ve stopped looking at the maps so much. More and more places are coming to me as surprises. Completing each state results in another boost of confidence and ability it seems. So when I hit a trailhead parking lot, and saw a farm store advertising ice cream, I started up the road. Immediately a New York Fire Department guy pulls over asking if I’m walking the trail, talks to me a bit, tells me to “Never Forget” and insists I take a $20 and go get something up the road. More unexpected friendly New Yorker treatment.

Side note: This actually occurred August 24, it was purely coincidence (yet fitting) this ended up being scheduled to go live on 9/11. This NYFD guy was likely this way all the time judging by our brief interaction.

Heaven Hill farms is a winery, store, soda fountain and greenhouse nursery it appears.

A nice combo to take your shoes off and enjoy a treat. My 52.4 attempt is only limited by my ability to stay awake, I took advantage for exactly 55 minutes and headed out, so as to register miles in the hour.

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