Getting Out of New Jersey and Boredom

I’ve had very few short spells of being bored to this point. I’m thinking I’ve been more fortunate in that department than many, especially SOBOs. They all seem to have the same sentiment, that being a lack of stories. PA and NJ alleviated that fortunate pattern for me…

So there was this one time I sat on the trail and played with a lizard for 20 minutes, carefully trying to get this pose. I really wanted my orange buddy to chill out on this orange mushroom, eventually he capitulated.

The views just aren’t as grand, but they’re still nice to see.

High Point State Park offers a free soda to all thru-hikers. Hadn’t had one in a long time. Small unexpected things can really give you a little moral boost.

Anyone know what the hell this things is?

This is the highest point in New Jersey.

The climb is minimal.

About a dozen miles before the New York border, the terrain gives way to smooth sailing again, as far as the annoying rocks go.

In fact you begin to drop in elevation to many wetlands, low land marshes and bogs. They seems to be ground zero for all the mosquitoes within 50 miles.

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  1. Re: Anyone know what the hell this things is?

    I’ve come across these in my outdoor travels, but I’ve never done the research to see what these are…until you asked. If what I’ve found researching today is your mystery object then this is a “Gall”. Galls are basically a nursery for wasps. The galls that I recall seeing have been either green or brown, but based on the information presented on the KQED public television website, a gall’s appearance is determined by the type of wasp that laid the egg (Nature, how amazing). The WonderMyWay blog shows a gall that looks similar to yours which they’ve labeled as an “Acorn Plum Gall”.

    I’ve posted the referenced links below. When you get to a spot that has WIFI you might enjoy checking these out while taking a break.

    Pennsylvania trails blogger – Mystery Grape Identified:

    KQED public television – Crazy Cribs of Parasitic Wasps:

    Maine blogger – Acorn Plum Gall:

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