New Jersey: Hiker Hunger Strikes

Not to much going on. Just pounding out miles in my irregular fashion.

My body has been naturally wanting to run lean for awhile now. I don’t seem to be eating as much as I’d expect, but I feel fine.

Then there’s a phenomenon called “hiker hunger.” Where a long distance hiker suddenly can’t get enough food.

It started to hit me around this time in New Jersey. For 2 days solid I felt like I just had to stop down and eat every 2 hours. I’d get full then be famished again way to soon. It really slows things down. I guess my body is a carb to sugars producing machine on hyper drive right now.

I need more good fats, like nuts in my pack. I’ve been on a peanut butter break too. Carbs break down fast and become readily available for energy use, but fats help slow down digestion and will keep you satiated longer. My supply is primarily junk, noodles and rice at the moment. Grabbing olive oil packets to put on eveything is another good low weight suppliment hack as well. Add oil to the tuna, noddles, everything.

I ate two entrees over the course of a few hours here at the Mountain House one evening. This place was less than a mile off trail, another great treat.

I hung out with a SOBO that evening named Kayak. He had kayaked the entire Mississippi River from Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico previously. These local patrons at the bar gave us a lift to a close by state park. In hindsight, we should of just hit the trail and camped at the first opportunity along the AT.

Fiber is also important as an anti-inflammatory, and especially useful to consume in the evening to help prevent a stiff and sore body in the morning, along with some protein. It’ll also helps with butt stuff as most know. Lentils, chickpeas, quinoa, sausage, even wheat thins are often around at resupply. I need to start looking at fiber as a higher priority, these are all good choices. Just check to make sure it’s not going to use to much fuel for cook time.

The trail starts to get weird in Jersey with short rock climbs, the occasional one or two a day that require you to get your poles out of the way and use your hands. Above isn’t really a good example.

A common old shelter I crashed at one night.

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