Delaware Water Gap

On the north end of Pennsylvania is Delaware Water Gap. A nice town to take a zero.

Walking up the hill along the Main Street, there’s a small gear and river guide outfitter, a pizza place, bakery, and some restaurants and bars.

The primary hostel in town is at the church at the top of the hill, as you approach the Delaware River. They have run a hiker hostel for 40-50 years. It’s donation only and has all the normal amenities. I found a perfectly new set of in-soles exactly the size I need for my shoes in the hiker box. Awesome.

A few NOBOs (north bounders) are actually here. Mostly SOBOs (south bounders), like Trash Panda above. She wanted to learn to roll cigarettes. So I taught her a couple methods.

Next door is a jazz bar that boasts of being the oldest continually run jazz bar, in its original location, in the country. We went there late one evening and closed the place down.

Pope, he decided to sleep on the picnic table…

Cross the Delaware River and begin your journey into New Jersey, a NOBOs eighth state at mile 1,300.

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