Getting Caught Up

I’m going to make an attempt to get caught up on the blog. If I’m doing this thing, I will end with a complete journal archive of my journey. I want to be able to look back at this one day, maybe have a good cry and whip my grandkids ass with the stories.

I’ve removed the biggest stress point hanging over my head by jumping ahead 345 miles. I wasn’t enjoying that over me. Most people begin 1-2 months before I did (May 14) and the weather closure deadline of October 15th in Maine looms large. Hiking to Bear Mountain, NY I took a shuttle into NYC then a train up almost to Hanover, NH. I’ve taken my first hot shower in two weeks and completely cleaned everything. Retooled a few things, and resurrected GoPro with the proper SD card. I’ve got my “Wilson” back lol.

Skipping ahead also has put me in the tail end of the NOBO bubble on the back side, as well as the back side of the SOBO bubble as they transit through one another. Things had been becoming quite isolated there for awhile. I’ve definitely learned I’m more communal than I originally thought. Spending a couple days outside of Hanover, meeting a few good guys and having some fireside chats has helped restore some spirit.

I also met a guy named Matt on the train who lives up here, we’re meeting up to do some gold panning about 60 miles ahead. It should be a fun day. Setting small anchors for yourself is important when things get tough.

The final needed preparation, sleep. Two days of long naps in perfect weather, just outside of town. I woke up having processed a few things and feeling strong. Just in time, as I approach the door steps of The Whites.

The New Hampshire portion of the White Mountain range is 161 miles from peak to peak, including the Presidential range housing the largest summits in New England. Most notable is Mt. Washington, which holds the record for the highest, non-hurricane, surface wind gusts on the planet at 231mph, as well as the second lowest temperature at -36 degrees. In September, the average low temp on Washington is 36, the record low was 9. The record snowfall in 24 hours in September was almost 8in. Every state thinks they own the weirdest weather title, but the mountains of New Hampshire actually deserve the reputation. I have exactly 100 miles to go to Mount Washington. Anything can happen, and that excites me. So let’s get this thing caught up so I can share the final stretch and see just how personally epic I can make it.

4 thoughts on “Getting Caught Up

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  1. God Speed Brother–I have heard that when a thru-hiker gets to the to NH they have covered 80% of the trail, but only exerted 50% of the effort.


  2. Slow and steady will get you through the whites. The good news is that It is early September and weather should be decent unless something really out of the ordinary happens weather-wise . Altitude is not to high, not like the Rockies so you should not get too winded. Safe travels. Looking foreword to your future blogs.


    1. Ya think I’m gearing down to 12 miles a day for awhile. At least through the nineteen 4K summits coming up. The Whites have no switchbacks. It’s all straight up, granite mountains… slick stuff.


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