Pennsylvania: More Timely Trail Magic

As I came down this hill towards a shelter, I noticed a pile of junk outside.

I had left my headlamp behind by mistake a few days prior. I have a small backup flashlight, and it can clip to my hat, but a headlamp is simply superior for hiking at night with poles.

Let there be light! It works, sitting right there in the heap. Not having one has really been slowing me down. I don’t night hike every night by any means, but I hike into dark most. And I’m always doing camp at dark. I can start pushing bigger miles again. I need them desperately. The math isn’t looking so good for me. To make it before winter closures up north, I’m close to needing a marathon a day, six days a week, for the next 2 months…

The butterflies are really enjoying my pack. They approve of me taking the headlamp.

At one point there were six of these guys on my pack as I ate lunch and filtered water.

The trails real nice through here.

I met “The Adventure Boys” again, this is the true halfway point this year. It changes each year as the trail does.

Easy stuff. Think I’m going to Forest Gump this terrain out and just keep going.

A former, more elaborate halfway point I assume.

Now that I have a headlamp, with this terrain, I can make a big push easily. I tore into Boiling Springs, PA close to 6am, after nearly 22 hours of hiking.

Running right through a corn field while being attacked by mosquitoes, and into a designated Appalachian Trail camp ground on the edge of town. These ‘effers are absolutely the most vicious here to date on the trail. I couldn’t get my tent setup fast enough.

It’s time for new shoes and poles. Neither are providing me much support. I was at the local outfitters by 10:30 after a few hours of hard sleep. I went on to resupply on food, then landed at the city pool to soak before being held hostage in my tent by the bugs another night.

6 thoughts on “Pennsylvania: More Timely Trail Magic

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  1. Love the trail magic concept. Have you given back? What did you mean in the previous blog about the math not looking good?


    1. At the time, I was going to have to basically do a marathon a day, 6 days a week, for 2 months to make it in time (closures for snow and ice). I’ll talk more on Trail Magic at some point.


  2. I’m relieved you have a headlamp and poles now as well as new shoes and socks!! Are you afraid of hitting cold weather before your done or are you worried about getting set up once you get home? We all miss you son! Stay safe.


    1. It’s the cold weather up north, snow and ice. The highest winds and 2nd coldest temps in the world have been recorded on Mt Washington (a summit I’ll be climbing) as I pass over the whole range of the White’s. Then Baxter state park in Maine typically closes the second week of October due to snow and ice getting to severe.


    2. The avg low in September is 36, the record low is 9. The max record for snow, ice and hail in a 24hr period in sept. was 7.7inches. So anything can happen. It’s definitely not Texas weather 🙂


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