Bouncing to The Whites

The task before me is feeling monumental. Covering the final 800 miles into Maine from New York feels impossible at the moment. Even though I know it’s not, I can’t imagine actually getting it all done right now. Not in time, not in any enjoyable manner.

I’ve decided to take the Vermonter, an Amtrak operated passenger train, to White River Junction, Vermont, today (August 29) out of NYC. I’ll begin the Whites after a couple days of preparations in Hanover, then it’ll take 3-4 days further to reach them. For me, the majestic views and steep technical climbs of The Whites, on up through the desolate beauty of a fall in Maine, has been the highlight the whole time.

I fear if I don’t drop myself into the thick of things immediately, I’ll abandon trail. I really want to do as much of the trail as possible in linear fashion, and not flip-flop. It just seems to anticlimactic to me.

I’ll likely be taking a little reprieve from the blogging as well. I’ll still be capturing the journey and making notes, and I will publish the stories at some point, as well as all the stuff I have from Pennsylvania to New York. But as I write this from a hostel in New York City, after walking exactly 20 miles within it yesterday until late, I’m just finding… a lack of enthusiasm for things at the moment.

So, the only thing I can think of to do to offset that, is to reduce the load, both miles and work, and go dark for awhile. I’ll drop myself off where I don’t really have a good option to turn around, and just grind it out until I’m not grinding any longer. There’s still 450 miles to go once I land, and undoubtedly the most challenging stretch. There’s still lots of adventure to go. On into the wilds of the north. I’ve got this.

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  1. Unlike actually. Really sorry to hear that it is grinding on you but I can imagine. Give me a shout sometime if you want to chat.


  2. We haven’t left replies on your blog during your journey, until now, but we’ve been really enjoying the trip. All summer long we’ve waited for that next blog update to see who and what you’ve run into since your last post. We’ve really enjoyed meeting all your AT hiking friends, the field tested gear reviews, the historical information of spots along the trail, the places you’ve called home for a few hours or a few days, and the stories of the good people you’ve crossed paths with along the way.

    It’s been hard to believe that you can put together such a great blog while living on the trail and with the bare minimum in regards to the power and the equipment required to get updates composed, videos edited,and everything posted. Thank you for doing the blog.

    With the AT season growing shorter those blogging hours are probably best spent getting some extra sleep, or a few extra miles hiked so that you can accomplish your goals. Enjoy the rest of your journey and we’ll anxiously wait to read how it unfolds afterwards. For now, we’re all wishing you more of the same types of encounters and more of that trail magic.

    HIKE ON Go Pro!

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    1. Thanks for all the thoughts and encouragement. Something I hope to write about later is all the massive pain in the ass stuff I’ve done to make the blogs and videos happen. It’s caused me to do some weird shit, recently I slept on a picnic table overnight at a state park so I could upload videos in HD quality all night. Just an example. And oh the things I’ve done for power to charge stuff up…. So ya, thanks for thinking about the behind the scenes stuff.


  3. Can’t imagine a better change of pace than a couple of days in NY! A palate-cleanser for sure.

    Everyone hits the wall now and then; the secret is to not bounce, but it sounds like you have the situation well in hand and you’ll do what you need to do to get back on track. I know the calendar is starting to breathe down your neck, but you’re right–you’ve got this.

    We’ve followed your every adventure since meeting on the river, and hope the relationship endures beyond your very long walk!


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