Sleeping Behind the Bar err… The South Mountain Hotel

A friend of mine joked to me that I was a “bum.” I said, “How dare you? Bums live under bridges and behind bars!” Oh, wait…

Enter the South Mountain Hotel. Which isn’t a hotel at all anymore. It’s a tavern, and it’s incredibly hiker friendly. The locals are damn friendly as well. I was bought about $75 in food and drink over the course of the evening during all the conversations and pool games.

They allow free tenting out back. They also provide a free outdoor shower, WiFi and electric outlets on the back deck. The owner is great, he’ll even come in early and see that coffee and something for breakfast can be purchased.

The South Mountain Hotel was established in 1910 by the current owner’s grandfather. Be sure to ask him about the “rowdy days.” This is a great place to get vortexd. I can’t recommend a stop down here enough. It was almost as good as The Station at 19e in Roan, TN.

There’s also a couple pool tables and a steady stream of locals willing to play in the evening. Here’s a secret, the pool table in back is always free. I actually did better than my usual and held my own well. Both nights I was there… you know, sleeping behind the bar. Crap, I am a bum lol.

I also had the pleasure recently of spending more time again with this amazing girl. It’s really hard to walk away from her…

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