Pennsylvania: Return of the Bride

So ya, get this! Hannah, the bride to be from the bachelorette party on the river, she lives just minutes from the trail in Pennsylvania.

She had the day off and we coordinated a pickup for some lunch and day drinking. Good times. It was past noon on a Friday. Why the hell not? Pfft… like I need to justify an excuse.

So I got to visit a few of the ladies again. Pool party at your place next time Kat!

Hannah’s soon to be husband, Daniel, has a great in-house bar and future fun cave in progress in their basement. We took full advantage and floated the keg. They’ve got a great view out back too.

I guess day drinking started to hard and to early. I even made coffee! Her nappy time didn’t last long, she resurrected herself for the evening.

In the morning I cleaned up, organized gear, and we traded notes in goodbyes, for now.

I’d dare to say their sweet puppers won’t be the only ones that’ll miss me, and that Daniel is glad to have a dirty Cowboys fan out of his home.

Thanks for the good times y’all.

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