Aquablaze Day 15: Warren Dam

What beautiful country, every bend (and there’s a lot of them) brings a new breathtaking landscape.

I had a deer swim across the river right in front me. Just like most people’s gaze, I could tell he couldn’t figure out what the hell to make of me and this contraption floating down river.

The sun and heat are on in full this afternoon. Probably going to develop into storms again by late afternoon into the evening.

I took a row break from the sun under a bank of trees in the shade. Stretching out my back and giving my arms a rest with some lunch.

The Warren Dam, number 4 of 5 is a breeze. It sports easy terrain and a short path.

Take the path on the left and shuttle right around.

I took a peek inside the hydroelectric facility. Only one large turbine in here.

All my crap has been shuttled around, four trips. Time to pull the shoes off again. I had not had any real blisters on my feet until the river portion from wet skin and sandals.

The storms are forming again, conditions are changing quick.

Time to get moving. I’m all back together after the usual repack and air-up.

The next few miles will be a fun relief from lake rowing. It appears to have larger white water sections and the river is up!

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