Aquablaze Day 12-13: Country River Take Me Home

Damn I love meeting people out here. For real, Virginia… Put me to tears.

Shortly after these cliffs, with the waters continuing to rise, I met Ty and Jenn. We must of been canoeing along parallel routes for awhile. When the two channels joined we got to talking, as we rowed.

They invited me back to their families unique getaway on the river. Jenn got a kick out of my crazy canopy situation.

The man on the far right is their long time neighbor Tom, who takes care of the area when people aren’t using it.

I followed them back to their dock.

From the back the place is a 1950s Greyhound bus converted to a bunk house. It’s been there for decades.

From the river front there’s an add on with a full kitchen and table inside. Then of course the outdoor BBQ pit and tables. Ty cooked up some fantastic ribs, potatoes, asparagus and wine the first night. What a treat.

Over the next two days I spent with Ty and Jenn we had such good conversation and they wouldn’t stop feeding me! How could I leave an invite like that!?

The second day as the water began to recede, I actually did a tube float down a few miles of the river with them and their extended family. We all had plenty of stories and laughs to share.

They even have an outdoor shower room. The water is warmed (kinda lol) in the black barrel above the roof.

A regular fixture in the immediate area is friend and neighbor, Tom. He’s the proud, loving caretaker, of Rose. An almost 1,200 pound pig next door.

The morning of the third day, it was past time to get going. Ty and Jenn were instant great friends, we had a lot in common and shared enthusiasm for similar interests and hobbies.

Ty had backpacked Europe, is a film maker and loves gadgets. He’s about to wrap a project on a specific Vietnam War battle that’s been eight years in the making. They’re just great people.

I suppose this would be “work for stay” experience #2, but totally not… I insisted on doing some work for them, more than just washing the steady stream of dishes we created with each fabulous meal.

So we got to scraping, sealing and painting the back half of the bus/bunk house.

2-3 hours later it was all cleaned up and looking fresh. They sent me off, plus a number of supplies, and three new numbers in my contact list.

I’m headed to the Shenandoah River State Park, way off schedule. I was going to pull into it late the night of the dam bachelorette party. I’m totally getting waylaid, in the best ways.

I couldn’t help creating this cheesy video to Take Me Home, Country Roads. I’m literally in the spot the song was inspired by. Getting back on the river, after such warm and friendly experiences, surrounded by these lands… well I guess I’m feeling some John Denver.

It was a pleasure guys, I know we’ll stay in touch. Thanks for the open invite to visit the river at your place, and to checkup on Tom lol. Make sure he’s taking his magnesium.

7 thoughts on “Aquablaze Day 12-13: Country River Take Me Home

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  1. You are the sum of your experiences and people make up 90%!!!! (Don’t know if you remember me telling you that 😊😊) That makes my heart so happy to see your smile directly proportional to the amount of food you are being fed by the people you meet along the way! 😊😊😊😊
    Be safe in the trail You!!!!! Sending light and love!


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