Aquablaze Day 11: Those Damn Bachelorette Parties

The Luray dam. What a pain in the ass. At the previous two dams there are notice signs “No portage at Luray Dam”. I just kept telling myself, where there’s a will there’s a way.

The third of five damns between Waynesboro, VA and Harpers Ferry, WV is the worst one to work around.

The first half of the trail there’s actually two paths, take the less obvious higher route. It’s wider and smooth for a stretch, just slide the boats under the rail block… The second half of the trail is private property, well all of it is I suppose, but the second half you literally have to go under someone’s back deck. Then down a rocky outcropping to the water. It sucks.

I talked with a local guy, who couldn’t give me permission per-say, but gave me the low down and offered me a couple jugs of water.

At the next dam I also talked to a sherif for awhile. It’s supposed to be required that the power company provide a public access around the federal obstruction. I don’t understand how the town of Luray can declare it otherwise with private property?

Some hours later after the Luray dam, GoPro met his doom when I accidentally ninja kicked his ass clear off the mount and into the murky flowing water. I was rolling to the back of the boat to pump up the floor. Well, since he is water proof, I suppose he’s just in stasis until some fortunate fisherman happens across him when the river is low and clear.

I’ll be honest here, in my grief I broke into a few evenings of wine rations and decided to float along until I saw a campsite without a steep embankment or a likely foot deep of mud. That is until I heard a call for “Hey! You want a cold beer?” Hell ya I do. I responded by rowing upstream with intent and greeted them in all my dirty river rat splendor.

That’s where I met this bride to be, Hannah, and her bachelorette party at a cabin on the river.

Her mom and new mom, Shelia and Kat, and some of Hannah’s besties.

I declined to drink from this pink apparatus with an appendage on the end of it…

But these girls were a riot, and I swear the moms were the leaders of it all!

They let me fill my face, with pizza and beer, and erect my tent in the front yard by the river.

After a slow starting morning with coffees, they sent me off after a badass breakfast of biscuits and sausage gravy.

Y’all were all awesome, stay in touch. Thanks again ladies, and congrats Hannah and Daniel.

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