Aquablaze Day 8-9: Let the Rains Begin

It’s raining. And it’s going to keep raining. I’ve received alerts of flash flooding on my phone and weather reports from my old man.

After getting through the Newport dam, only about 30 minutes of rowing brings you to a great private camp ground called Riverside Camping. It’s a must stop. Plan to reach the dam a few hours before dark and land here to camp.

On the left, pull into the first good boat ramp you see just before the line of vacation trailers. Walk up to Kite’s Store to register and pay. There is a small deli for sandwiches, and plenty of resupply foods and drinks.

There was literally only one family there, though every RV spot is full, and they were fun to wait out the storms with.

Jerry, Mel and his kids were fishing. You know, the only way dads get to fish… by fixing reels and baiting hooks as fast as possible so everyone else can feed the fish. They invited me over for every meal. I didn’t have to even open my food stores for two days.

Jerry brought over a smoldering log to get my fire going right when I got there. This place has free unlimited firewood! I built up a grid of wet wood to begin drying out over the fire pit. It worked well to shield it from the rain too.

The tent sites are right at the boat launch. There are potable water spigots, electric outlets and yes, even hot showers. Gold mine.

Once I wash everything off, I’m starting to use the boat seats as a mattress, oh the luxury.

It’s time to do a full clean up. Wash clothes in the shower with me, spray everything off, touch up patch the boat and redesign the canopy. I’ve got two days of rains and potential hazardous river conditions to monitor before getting back on. There’s time to play.

Using my fire to heat up the hoop shaped pvc, I straighten them out.

This is canopy mode, without the tarp pulled over of course. I can pull the rear back and lower my hiking poles easily to make it level, for when breezes are against me.

If you look closely at the frame work and lines, rear center is a small D clip where I can pull the rigging tight, raise my hiking poles fully and hopefully cup that wind. It’s a Solo-free, hands-free solution.

I’m drying a pair of clothes off on top. It’ll work for shade, winds and hopefully rain… this is my favorite rigging yet.

3 thoughts on “Aquablaze Day 8-9: Let the Rains Begin

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  1. The ingenuity for the raft is amazing! Props friend!!!!! Wow! You can’t seem to catch a break with the rain since TOG! Glad you had a wonderfully safe spot to wait out the weather and again, Aqua Angels!!!!
    Be safe! Times ticking down here in Ireland!!!! Days left are 10!!!!!


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