Aquablaze Day 7: Almost Screwed and Dam 2 of 5

My heart totally sunk when I realized I lost the pump adapter. I was going to be in a bad way by night…

I sunk a bit again realizing my mistake. The Newport dam is before the Riverside Private Campground. I was going to have to wait out the storms and do the dam portage tomorrow afternoon.

I slept on the muddy shore, having to sink knee deep in the river mud to crawl up to dry land. Nightfall with storms are looming and “campsites” are slim pickings.

In regards to terrain, this dam is easier, but it was more taxing for my situation. The lower half of the trail, past the dam, is littered with 2 hazards.

Thorny vines from wild berries hanging into a path to slim for the width of my raft, and hogweed. Don’t touch that stuff with the large white tops, it’s been known to give third degree burns!

I had to port everything around and even deflate the raft, roll it up and shoulder it through, then blow it back up again. I’m thankful for the pump. This one took five trips.

I almost took a swing and a dip from this rope swing, complete with steering wheel. That’s more ghetto than my raft.

Dragon flies are definitely tiny aliens that like to mate through the skull.

One thought on “Aquablaze Day 7: Almost Screwed and Dam 2 of 5

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  1. Good to hear. We were worried.

    Glad you’re safe! Probably back on the trail by now. We’re glad you decided to do the float part, even if it was a massive row-fest–


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