Aquablaze Day 3: Cows, Corn and Pollutants

On day two and three we averaged only 10-12 miles of winding river each day. We’re still in the far South River, the lower fork that will become the Southfork Shenandoah river at Port Republic.

The water is low and slow, with lots of obstacles. The amount of downed trees being the only real surprise. The water is crystal clear. Though I’m hesitant to drink from it, even using my water filter.

I’ve read the notice signs that say to not consume more than 1 pound of fish per month from the river, due to mercury contamination from a DuPont facility. It’s a terrible thing and the story has been going on for years. I plan on looking into it further.

There have been multiple spots where cattle have free access to the river. I imagine they crap in it frequently.

Camp was again on private land, along corn fields. We tried two ears out even though it’s a bit early in the season here, but they tasted good enough with the hotdogs we had. You can tell they’ll be great soon. As always we leave no trace when we break camp (besides the two missing ears of corn).

Dry off and inspection is first once deciding to setup camp. I’ve already washed the suspects spots off, the first patches that came with the boat are not holding up. I’m starting to pull them off to start over. Patching over patching never works out.

It’s an early night tonight. Aquablazing might be more exhausting at this point than hiking the miles. Think I’ll treat myself to an episode of Fringe.

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