Aquablaze Day 2: Hobo’ing It Up

I don’t have much content to post since I lost GoPro in the river. However, I do have an important resupply note and a musing.

The city of Grottoes, just south of Port Republic, has a Dollar General right on the river.

This is your best, and last easy stop, for some time. If you need patch material, drinks, plastic totes (because cardboard boxes in trash bags won’t cut it) or any kind of supply… stop here for sure. Watch for the dirt path on river right, just as the river bends left away from town.

There is also a bridge 1/4 mile down that offers a great landing and a path up to the road where you can walk 1/3 mile to the store.

Forest and I hid out from the rains and I worked on the boat. We decided to give it the full 24 hrs cure time with the original patches redone now, instead of the normal 8-12 we’ve been allowing.

My musing is thus, there is a fine line between hiker and hobo at times. These instances apparently increase as an aquablazer. I think I vaulted over that line today. I have officially slept under a bridge in a tent, woken up and drank wine under said bridge, by 10am. Yep, line crossed…

7 thoughts on “Aquablaze Day 2: Hobo’ing It Up

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  1. Yep, sleeping under a bridge in Grottoes…you have definitely arrived!


    PS: Been reading your back installments — what an adventure!


  2. Oh, my…so funny….before I even scrolled down and read the post I was thinking you have gone from hiker to homeless.


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