GoPro is Dead, Long Live GoPro!

I dropped GoPro in the river today 😦

While doing a roll maneuver to the back of the boat to pump up the floor, things got wanky and I lost him in the drink. I’m very sad…

That portion of the river, with all the recent rains, was murky, deep and flowing well. I jumped in immediately, and feverishly felt around as I made my way to the bottom to grasp around in desperation.

Wearing contacts in my eyes and knowing my boat was floating away without me, the panic was rising quick as I searched around blind. I bailed on trying to find GoPro and swam with all haste back to the boat.

It took me an hour to process my loss. The wine I poured in my tea jug helped. The bachelorette party that hailed me out of the river a few hours later finished off whatever angst I had remaining.

Lesson learned, if you drop something in the river, immediately look to the shore and visually mark the spot. Secure your stuff first then return to the scene of the accident. By the time I flailed around, it was to late. I looked at the speed I was moving in comparison to the shore and realized it could take hours of underwater exploring in deep water. He was lost to me, forever.

Two days later, and after being taken in by two different groups of people (stories forthcoming) I was able to make a phone call to GoPro support.

The fault was mine, yet they still worked with me. I was able to get an upgraded replacement for 40% off and have it delivered to me at the next opportunity. That being Harper’s Ferry, where I’ll abandon ship and rejoin the trail again.

I lost a lot of great river documentation. Fortunately, I was able to keep the SD card of all the prior footage before I started the aquablaze portion. I had been on the river eight days at that point. Ten if you count the two days I spent at a campground watching the river rise up, about eighteen inches, with steady storms.

So thanks to a great company, GoPro and I will be reunited, in the here and now. He’ll live again in upgraded form, in a weeks time.

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  1. Oh! That is the saddest face Clay, but pull in your lip before a bird poos on it and BLAZE ON! Wow! Good to know about GoPro and P.S. learn about tethering things in your raft that are of high value significance! Not theat you ever ask for my advice, 😂😂😂😂 but I have floated the Colorado and the Missouri Rivers 😜😜😜😜! Glad to know again you are in once piece, maybe a little heartbroken, and waterlogged, but still one piece!!!!! (I’m sure you wooed the bachelorette’s with those baby blues and your charming secret agent man ways and you’re all better!
    Cheering you on from Ireland, the Cliffs of Moher, and the Wild Atlantic Way! Off to Cork on Thursday for some ancestor fact finding and then Galway before flying out of Shannon on August 16. I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little attached! (Yes, you know how I am!) it’ll be hard to leave….good thing I can come back! Sending light and love and a 4 leaf clover! ☘️🇮🇪☘️


  2. Clay, they make camera floats …. some like a handle that attaches to the camera that will float the camera if dropped in the water… they are a lot cheaper than a camera.


    1. Had one, it was going to get mailed to me from the extra gear box, but our timing wasn’t going to work. I had it secure most of the time. Made an exception a few times due to circumstances. One to many times apparently.


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