Aquablazing 200 Miles on the Shenandoah River? Yep, Day 1…

Each day comes with a new nickname and configuration, to both the canopy and the weight dispersement.

Today the name is the Oregon Trail. And it’s time for her maiden voyage.

The first day of the river was challenging. Floating less than 30 minutes, a giant tree fell less than 10 seconds in front of us. All the way across the river. The canopy blocked the view to see it early too. I figure we were one pause, anytime throughout the day, away from having serious problems.

These girls were floating the river just behind us. We all helped each other port around.

Each evening is also looking like it’ll need patch and cure time. I think the first puncture happened on land while porting around 2 trees. There’s also a bunch of fat beavers in this branch of the river, north of Waynesboro, VA.

I setup camp on the river early to work on the boat, both patches and canopy. After checking the regional radar, paying attention to areas way further upstream. I feel good there won’t be any flash flooding.

5 thoughts on “Aquablazing 200 Miles on the Shenandoah River? Yep, Day 1…

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  1. Earlier when I saw your raft pic on Instagram, I wanted to make a Beverly Hillbillies reference, now After seeing her with her top, I can hear the catchy tune of the theme song!!!! Can you hear it too Jed????
    AT trail innovation has many faces! Nice to see yours and that your in 1 piece!
    I spy with my little eye, a PFD for your HYOH! Another chapter for the book!
    Aqua Blaze on friend! Sending light and love from Ireland!


    1. Hey guys! Oh it goes through numerous mods. As soon as I can get to WiFi I’ll be getting into that. So loved your beautiful farm and company. Virginia has overwhelmingly proved itself to be the heart of southern hospitality. Can’t wait to get these stories up!


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