Fast Forward…

I’ve fallen behind at least 2-3 weeks in blogging. Since I’m struggling for digital space, we’re just going to fast forward through Virginia. I raced through these last few weeks as quick as possible with little stopping or capturing content for the blog anyhow.

So why am I in this dumpster…?

I’m going to become a dirty dirty aquablazer, that’s why! Especially after this quick dumpster dive… The hiking purists will surely abandon following me at this point!

And we’re off, let’s see how this pans out. We are leaving Waynesboro and striking out for Harper’s Ferry. By straight road it’s 133 miles, many more by winding river. Need to figure that out exactly.

3 thoughts on “Fast Forward…

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  1. Your river queen looks professional! Hope you get as far as you want….can’t believe you were able to make such a sturdy looking boat from junk! Have fun…


  2. What did you actually use from the dumpster? That looks awesome brother! I am sure it will make it a bit easier on your feet as well.
    Don’t blame you for the FF. The weight of behind and feeling you have to catch up can be daunting. Keep up the post! Always the highlight of my day. Wait…what does that say about my life….?


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