Summiting McAfee Knob

Back on the trail and fully stocked, after departing the Crazy train to Catawba, I hit the trail hard.

I made it up McAfee in 1:08:46, five of those minutes were breaks.

That’s nearly an average of 3mph, fully loaded (40-42lbs), uphill. I believe that’s close to most people’s rate for speed walking the flat north Texas bike trails where I’m from. There’s no way I could do that just two months ago.

We made dinner and enjoyed the views, being a Saturday, it was a little crowded.

We made camp not far down the back side in a ravine for the night. A night hiker named Tennessee Slim with a husky crashed through and cowboy camped by our fire.

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After the sunrise, there’s no question about it. I’m going to have to stay up here all day and play, maybe take a nap after a hot lunch.

It’s places like these that one endeavors to see when do something like hike across the country from peak to peak. If you’re not stopping to really appreciate it, you’re missing out. And I mean stopping long enough to get bored even, and allow your mind to shift and perhaps be inspired.

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  1. If you have never watched the sun rise from the top of a mountain like that, it’s hard to explain to someone. Sure they can oooo and ahhhhhh over the pics ( btw I ooooed and ahhhhhed over yours!) but there is this feeling of calm and peace and it’s so surreal that it’s even hard to explain it to someone who has experienced it! I’m glad that you and I are members of that club! Good on you for HYOH and taking time to invest in and do what moves and inspires you! That’s what life should be about all the time. For now, we’re the lucky ones, were HOOH!!!! Sending love and light from Ireland friend! Blaze on, your way! 😊😊😊😊

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  2. Too funny! We ran into Tennessee Slim when we were backpacking near Spy Rock this weekend. Any chance you caught his real name? He told us to friend him on facebook but neither my boyfriend or I can remember his real name and we’d love to be able to follow the rest of his journey! Also- your pictures have confirmed that we are making mcafee knob our next overnight! gorgeous!


    1. I didn’t but I wish I did. Would like to know where he ends up. At some point heading north I believe he was going to hitch hike to the west coast. He’s a funny guy, I wish him the best. Let’s put an APB out on Slim. Let me know if you find out. Last I saw him was in Daleville, VA.


      1. Dang! I will keep looking- let me know if you find out! I thought about even posting about it on one of the AT groups on facebook to see if anyone knew. He was a fun guy and had some great stories! One of my friends hiked the priest yesterday afternoon and she said she met him there (which would make sense because that was his plan right after he left to Spyrock on Sunday morning)! I know he was planning a restock in Waynesboro at some point early this week


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