Virgina Creeper

Continuing down Virginia’s Creeper Trail, well past the original plan of only 13 miles, we stopped for the night and made camp.

I sacrificed the small Thermorest pad I had and took the time to craft a pair of insoles and extra hip belt padding. Immediately it’s making a huge difference. I would estimate a pair of insoles are only good for 300-400 miles. Within a couple days the soreness in my feet diminished significantly.

As the afternoon rains approached, I pulled out my new umbrella to test a new rain gear setup. I purchased one in Damascus at Dollar General. It was fairly simple to rig it up to stay in place. It seems to be working well so far. Forest has been trying to get me to buy one for 300 miles now.

Just as the worst of the down pour started, we came across the Creeper Trail Cafe and stopped to have a burger and milkshake.

Watch out for the bear proof high voltage dumpster outside though! It’s packing a punch delivered via jumpers directly from the outlet on the back porch.

Eventually we had to depart from the Creeper and its easy gentle slopes. Our plan was to walk a road about 12 miles inside the Grayson Highlands to the General Store for resupply. I read that they have $3 showers and laundry, as well as offer a shuttle back to the trail.

We stopped and had a few conversations with locals. This family has people hiking south bound on the AT and were interested to check out my blog.

There were beautiful lands and plenty of Christmas tree farms along the way.

On the way into the Grayson Highlands, to see just how ornery wild ponies really are, Forest and I took a break at a small gas station with a bench out front. Before we knew it, we were in the center of a group of locals talking about the area and the trail for over an hour.

That’s when we met a man named Tony, and an unexpected turn of events was about to occur…

(to be continued tomorrow…)

3 thoughts on “Virgina Creeper

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  1. Oh boy!!!!! Can’t wait to read the continued part! Gorgeous pics! Good thinking on the insoles! If anything, the time on the trail sure does make you think outside the box when it comes down to survival and comfort! Right? Mary Poppins???? 😂😂😂😂
    Blaze on you! Sending light and love and good Trail karma from Ireland!


  2. Virginia looks beautiful! Great story. Maybe you should take your insole idea and produce a brand…..looking forward to the next story.


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