Boots Off at Watauga Lake and Injuries on the Trail

I made my way down into the town of Hampton, TN. First stop was McDonalds, then the local pharmacy for knee and ankle supports. I’m all geared up looking like an old man now but feeing much more spry.

I went ahead and got a support for everything. I figured what’s not hurting or injured, will, so I’m taking some preventative maintenance measures this time. They are really helping.

I would actually suggest anyone planing on pushing themselves to go ahead and gear up beforehand, even if you haven’t experienced knee or ankle problems before.

You simply can’t carry 20-30% of your body weight (in my case 27% when fully stocked) through this terrain without developing joint issues. Do yourself a favor and gear up with supports before things develop. I still have my sites set on landing a 50, but not if it’s going to destroy me.

Everyone met up at a camp ground just before Watauga Lake called Boots Off.

Walking out of town towards the lake I hit a grocery store and grabbed some grilling food.

Another trail friend since the Smokies, Peaceful Turtle, split the cost of the burgers and dogs and we treated the gang. Many hostels have community kitchens and you are free to use their stuff.

Sir Stops A Lot made it down there too. He and Turtle stayed in the bunk house. This property is really nice all around. The laundry service was the best so far. They actually do it for you, use dryer sheets, and return it to you in a clean basket.

And poor Trashalope was laid up in his hammock when I got there. He took an injury falling out of a large tree laying over the trail while trying to cross over it.

Trashalope is like the funny dirty uncle of the tramily that randomly makes appearances. But alas, his appearances are at an end, he is trashed and can “lope” no further. He decided to go home and heal. His spirit is crushed, you can see it all over his face. He’ll for sure return some day.

Trashalope’s name comes from his peculiar methods of resupply. Anytime there is fast food available, he stocks up for 3-4 days. His method is to buy a crap load of dry cheeseburgers and stuff them in his fannypack. The first two days he uses packets of catchup. For days three and beyond he will moisten them back up with Mayo then add condiments.

Yes, apparently McDonalds cheeseburger can be eaten 4 days later… can’t say that I’m surprised. I’ve just never seen anyone actually put this into practice and thrive. Maybe it’s just the power of the Trashalope? Take care dude.

I’ll have to further detail the various peculiar eating and resupply methodologies I’ve encountered from others on the trail at some point…

After lunch we all headed down to the lake to swim and play on the rope swing across the channel.

3 thoughts on “Boots Off at Watauga Lake and Injuries on the Trail

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  1. OMG! Poor old Hiker….guess you’re feeling the 4-0, even though you are still 3-9!! Please take care of your bod so you can celebrate the 4-0 in style come January…..remember nothing good ever came from DUDE, I can hike 50 miles in 24 hours 😜😜😜😜
    Love the trail stories and think you need to parlay your experiences in to a NY Times best seller!!!!
    Some of the camping sites are Amazing! And I’m a little jealous even though as I write this I am sitting looking out at the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of a very sunny Ireland!
    Sending good Trail vibes and love light as always to you, Solo and co! Be safe friend! But blaze on in your own kind of glory!!!!!


  2. Clay…if you wipe your hurt parts down with rubbing alcohol….you would feel a cool sensation and the pain almost always stops or lessons a lot…..take care….mom😍


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