The Station at 19e

The owner of The Station at 19e is fantastic. It’s obvious right away he caters to hikers as well as locals, and is a great service provider. The Station maintains a warm and friendly atmosphere. The employees are hikers. There’s character in spades here, even the layout of the bunk house is unique.

I chose a single dungeon cell room upstairs in the loft.

The Station had a new pair of clippers available so I pulled a barbershop session for everyone. I only know how to give one haircut style, for both men and women.

Next we hung around the tavern and waited for karaoke to warm up and played card games. What’s a hiker to do when it’s pouring rain out and you have a hostel/tavern combo? I found my new favorite beer, Gunslinger. I’m not an IPA fan, but this beer is amazing without the strong IPA aftertaste.

If you’re really curious about the karaoke… watch below. We had a great time. There’s some shocking good talent around. To bad I don’t have any of it 🙂

I stayed a second night before heading out again. We all had a great country breakfast together the next morning. No Canadians puked, this time.

It’s on to a few waterfalls and Watauga Lake next. I’ll likely still have to take it easy, so some short days with good water views, if the rain holds off, are ahead.

12 thoughts on “The Station at 19e

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  1. Is that Rose? She’s hanging right in there! Love it! Give her a big “Blaze on Girl!” From me! Glad you are listening to your body and taking care!
    Loving the blog as always and cheering you on from Doolin, Ireland and the Wild AGinatlantic way! Here now until the end of the summer! ☘️☘️


  2. How’s your leg….my phone has been giving me problems and I just saw your post….you have to use a lot of Epsom salt and really hot hot water……get better soon!


  3. Glad to see you are all hanging in there! My ole beagle started howling when you guys were doing the medley of Garth Brooks!!


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