Erwin, TN on the Nolichucky River

Uncle Johnny’s Hostel on the AT and the Nolichucky River is another great laid back place. Rent tubes, grab a bike or take one of the three daily shuttles into town.

I caught the breakfast shuttle the morning after my Cherokee Challenge and went straight to McDonalds, my first fast food since I don’t know when?

That afternoon everyone caught up and joined me at Johnny’s. Forest caught a shuttle from Sam’s Gap and joined us all. The evening shuttle takes you to a Walmart for resupply. I have six days of hiker trash food here.

Uncle Johnny’s has tenting and hammock areas, cabins and a bunk house. We split a 4 person cabin 5 ways with all our stank gear…

All was well priced, resupply on food is very limited at Uncle Johnny’s though there’s some to get you by. Standard gear items are more likely to be found, for the small space the outfitter supply is adequate. There’s DIY laundry, unlimited hot showers and other amenities. We grabbed bikes and explored the area.

Wise Fool, having left the trail, sent us a hiker care package, we all partook and enjoyed. Thanks WF!

The next day we moved across the bridge and scored a great camp on the river for free.

Little Bear cooked up nachos for us all and we enjoyed the day in the river. Trading off the rafts to walk from the beach at our camp and put in at a bridge a half mile up river with our $4.95 Walmart floats. What a great tubing river.

For desert, some group effort hiker ingenuity… cheesecake, made in the river. Now that’s a treat on the trail!

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  1. Glad to see everyone is in good spirits! That’s the point right??!!!! Blaze on YOU! Cheers from Dublin! Rooting for you and sending you good vibes for trail magic and good Health!!!!


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