300 Miles and Snakes on the Trail

Leaving Hot Springs begins a steep climb up from the river. There are plenty of great views along the way.

I crawled out on to a rock outcropping called Lover’s Leap and almost leapt myself as I took in the view below.

The snake appearances are becoming more frequent. Predictably they are mostly with the sun. This Timberback Rattle Snake was an old one, judging by his tail sections about 15 years old. He really didn’t want to move from his warm spot. Fortunately blazing a trail around him was not so difficult.

How about this snake, can you spot him?

How about closer…

So even when your distracted looking up, be sure to always keep one eye down. Even so it can be tough to spot them.

And FYI, a little squirt of water shot at a stubborn snake that refuses to budge, even with pole prodding, will make it slither away real quick. Sometimes it’s not so easy to go around them.

I also crossed paths with Will at the Little Laurel Shelter. Which was cool because he approached me knowing my name and having found my blog helpful. It was passed along to him from Gina at Top of Georgia hostel.

3 thoughts on “300 Miles and Snakes on the Trail

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      1. And you were with my friend Will Warren!!!!!! He was my last hiker Insent our before I left TOG. and had to give him some extra TLC while he was there! Wondering when you 2 would meet up?!!!! He is a super cool kid, and old soul!!!!!! Yeah!!!! That makes me so
        Happy!!!!! In Dublin now.

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