Standing Bear Farm

The first hostel on the north bound exit out of the Smokey Mountains is Standing Bear Farm. Enjoy a 7 mile out of control sprint out of Smokey Mountain National Park. All the way down to frozen pizza and cold drinks.

Don’t forget to drop your other Smokey Mountains permit in the box at the bottom.

Cross the Pigeon River and turn right. Oddly, the only place the AT can be a little confusing is when it decides to take a dogleg on a road.

Cross under highway 40, this feels like the first time I’ve seen the path cross a major road. Either take the AT or walk up the gravel road and stay at a great laid back hostel with bunks for $20 and all the usual amenities.

All the guys that run the place are a hoot. You’ll likely enjoy talking to them.

Take a tour and get the low down about Standing Bear Farm below.

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    1. I’m getting comfort food at all opportunities. But I disagree with your observation 🙂
      I might be in the best shape of my life at this moment. I’m not hurting at all… thriving in fact. We are all to used to nearly sedentary body types being the norm.

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      1. This conversation was great motivation to see just how much I’ve thrived during this. I just did a 24hr marathon and pulled off 45 miles with 1.25 miles vertical elevation with 36lbs. Killed it! Felt like a damn machine. A good day is 20 miles out here. That’s 7 miles short of two consecutive marathons, but in the mountains with all that weight…


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