Smokey Mountains Day 7: Biggest Day Yet

On the heels of being out of commission yesterday, I grunted through my biggest mileage day yet racking up over 16 miles.

Between trying to make up extra miles and dealing with shelter closures, the north end of the Smokies presents a bit of logistic challenges for me.

So once again I’m pulling a “stealth camp” inside another fire tower.

Mt. Cammerer was built in the 1930s and restored in the 90s and is at the top of the Smokies on the north end.

The sunset view is nice despite a cloudy sky.

There’s no mouse problem here that’s for sure, judging by the amount of roaches that emerge at night. I did a quick tent setup inside the observatory room.

The dry warm night and sunrise the next morning was spectacular. The moisture is rising out of the valleys.

Today is my last day in the Smokies.

It’s 7 miles all down hill to Standing Bear Farm from here.

Final stats:

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  1. You tell about those bears a lot like I did about those animals in Africa…. there is not a wild or dangerous animal behind every rock or tree, but you just don’t know if there is one behind THAT particular rock or tree.? But sometimes there is. Makes you stay alert LOL.

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