Gatlinburg Zero Day

Gatlinburg is a cooky little tourist town. It reminds me of Branson, MO.

We found a taxi service that was $55 for all of us from Clingmans. Once on the strip, Gatlinburg has a trolley system, each ride is 50 cents.

We immediately took it to Pidgeon Forge and took over a back corner of a Golden Coral for a couple hours. It was worth it.

There’s a ton of attractions and crap everywhere jammed into this little mountain community.

Before you pull the trigger on a cheap motel, check out AirBnB for some outrageous deals on much better places, if they are not already reserved.

We had some dinner on the strip that night and met up later with the rest of the trail mates.

There are a number of breweries, wineries and even moonshine bars.

There’s a ton of unique flavors and liquors made from moonshine.


Large crowds gather around to learn about moonshine and have extensive tastings for just $5. The hosts are filled with character and funny antics while getting the table riled up and loud.

My trail friends joined in their own tastings.

I will head out tomorrow after resupply and hit the trail again for the second half of the Smokies. I’ll catch the trail again at Newfound Gap, skipping 7 miles of the trail. It’s a cheaper taxi charge.

2 thoughts on “Gatlinburg Zero Day

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  1. I hope you not going to do all but 7 miles on the trail just to save some money on a taxi ride. It’s a half day hike to Clingmans and back


    1. I skipped a 3 miles from the same situation prior. I also plan on aqua blazing. I’m really not a purist and won’t be claiming “thru-hiker” status. Due to time, I likely won’t even summit Katahdin. I do hope to get through the White’s just before it and have the time of my life though 🙂


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