Nantahala Log Cabins

This rain is relentless. I’m not doing a good a job capturing it. Partly because I’m hiding out from it so often and mostly because it sucks to do stuff in. Your finger get so wet and cold I can’t even get through the passcode to open my phone, everything once dry is always wet. I keep a little cloth to wipe the camera lens clear, but it’s difficult to get no smear shots like this and standing around in this rain with 40lbs on your back… well I’d rather just keep moving.

Once the trail dropped right down to the Nantahala Outdoor Center, I had cell signal again and searched for room rates while waiting for laundry on the side of the general store. I found the Nantahala Log Cabins and the shuttle was there on time.

There’s a large 150 foot, 10 room deck at the top of a steep driveway. They are located about a mile uphill from the trail.

They have a small tenting area, a hangout campfire and grill area, and the bathrooms have heaters and the beds are real beds!

Everything is real clean. Until I got in there at least… The great rocking chairs out front became my tent dryer, I used the hose on the driveway to spray the mud off my tarp, and the wonderful dehumidifier pulled 2 completely full buckets of moisture out of my stuff all night long.

This place is another hidden gem if you want a nice stay on the Nantahala river. They run a pizza place at the bottom of the hill and serve directly on the river. Hikers get a discount.

They have no website and don’t desire one. They spend zero money or efforts on marketing. They are not even sure how they got listed on the Guthook app. They welcome all, but maintain a small friends and family atmosphere, and that’s just the way they like it.

Not much of a work for stay opportunity for me here, unless I wanted to make pizza on the river. Could be interesting during a high traffic time, for a day. I’m looking forward to the Smokies though and want to get going again.

Between the storms, flooding, closures and a package arriving at the NOC a day late, I stayed here 2 nights. The second night had an added discount and I split the double queen room with Solo, so it’s only $30 each for the extra night and shuttle.

Side note: I took the picture of the humming bird at 120 frames a second and searched through hundreds of frames. Not one caught any definition of the little guys wings. Nature is amazing…

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  1. Hope your are doing well with all that rain. Been looking at the AT trail map on ArcGIS and it has all the shelters and AT communities. Don’t want to spoil the upcoming scenery…enjoy.


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  2. A real bed! I haven’t even slept on one of those for almost a month!!!! Rain has def been a drag, so REALLY hoping you can catch a break and have some better weather and trail conditions! Although….what an adventure!!!! Now THAT looks like the kind of place that matches my personality for a place to work! Be safe, we’ll and adventurous! As always rooting you and solo on from my corner of GA for a few more days! 🙂

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