The Bear Part of Yesterday

So this one kinda deserves its own post. Me and two dudes, Solo and Rosey are hiking into Muskrat Creek Shelter about 7pm. It’s like a freakin crime scene.

There’s a giant pile of food barf on the ground. Mainly rice and carrot slices. A tent left behind the shelter, and a good number of useful things laying around the table. Water bottles, rain jacket, etc… we start thinking it was an obvious quick flee situation from a bear. We were right…

upon investigating the shelter log, this bear had terrorized the shelter for almost 8 hours straight through the night and got to all their food. But it happened here two days in a row! And whoever’s stuff this is that was abandoned didn’t have time to sign the shelter log I’m thinking… so 3 incidents

Check out these shelter notes:

So ya, we moved on and made our own camp about a mile away. Still this particular bear’s zone, but not a place he is used to taking easy food from.

I learned a much better way to hang my bear bag from Rosey, the bearded dude in the photo above. He did the PCT last year and is thru hiking the AT this year. The guy runs extremely minimal and is bound to leave us in his dust (err mud) tomorrow.

I stayed up until close to midnight with a fire I had to fight to much for. Saw two pairs of eyes scurry around out there. My two camp mates said they both heard a large bear stalking about our tents around 4am. I slept trough it. Having a real ass whip of an hour in the dark trying this new method to get my food preps right paid off. He had no reason to shred my tent. We did find this clear bear track on the trail right outside our camp area.

My next posts will be talking trail stuff I’ve gotten questioned about:

  • How to find (and stay on) the trail
  • Weapons on the trail
  • How to properly put on a backpack.
  • To pole or not to pole? No question about it…
  • Animals eyes at night
  • Bear bag hanging and other precautions…

3 thoughts on “The Bear Part of Yesterday

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  1. So what bear defenses do you all have? Spray? Gym Coach Whistle? Air horn? I was reading about the bear incident in the cabin and how they chased it away…I would never do that. Anyways, another good read…take are


  2. Certain bears probably have those shelters figured out… every group of new hikers probably hang their food but hang it in the same places or trees the previous hikers did. Bears can be very resourceful when it comes to defeating obstacles to get to bird feeders etc as well as hikers food ….. especially when they have repeated practice. Perhaps someone should report these bears as “problem” bears and have them removed . Good idea to move on down the trail… the bears are probably watching and snickering from a nearby tree. LOL.


  3. Holy CRAP!!!!! Hope you have a chance to report to ATC! Please be safe and don’t be wearing any bacon scented body products!!! Recognize some of those trail names that have signed the log! Sassafras Gap is still reporting activity, problems, likely the same Bear!


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