Lots of “Firsts” Today

Let’s see where to begin, the morning started with a Top of Georgia Hostel shuttle back to Dick’s Creek. Turns out that hostel is a bit eccentric… but the volunteers are what make it.

They come in and out on work and exchange programs. Your experience at this establishment will need to depend on a good crop of current volunteers. Above is a volunteer Gina and 2 other hikers with me having dinner in town, courtesy of the hostel shuttle. The guys are 3 Inch and Zero.

Once on the trail, I received some “trail magic”. A cooler left with Orange Crush and Cokes, peanuts and candy bars.

I officially have walked through an entire national forest as of today. The Chattahoochee National Forest has become the Nantahala National Forest.

Next was crossing my first state line. Exiting Georgia and trekking into North Carolina kicked my butt a bit. The actual boundary marker is quite modest.

My stats are starting to pickup quicker, yay. I hear it takes about 3 weeks to really start to get your “trail legs.” And I’m already thinking I’m going to need to buy new shorts. They are not riding comfortable and bunching up because they’re already too big now.

2 thoughts on “Lots of “Firsts” Today

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  1. Clay, great to read your blog. As you go into NC, I notice there are some interesting scenic views. Hope you are getting your trail legs. Watch out for TICKS!


  2. Love the post and pics! Please don’t make us change your Trail name to “Daisy Duke” or “Wears 3 inches too!” For the love of…..get some new SHORTS! Thanks for the shout out! Meeting the hikers and hearing the stories are my favorite part! As always, stay safe! I think you would make a terrible snack for a bear!!!!


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