Crossed My First 100 miles

I crossed my first one hundred miles today inside of North Carolina. Finally.

As I walked over our man made state boundary, I didn’t expect to see much of a change. But being in the Nantahala has a feel of being more remote than the Chattahoochee. There are far fewer hikers about and cellular signal is becoming rare.

It didn’t take long for the terrain to take on a different feel either. And the bears are damn sure more persistent. I think that trend will continue on through the Smokey Mountains, which are next. Each shelter now seems to come with its very own recent bear accountings. You hear about them on the trail and from the logs.

Some other trail pics from the last couple days:

Some stretches of trail are entirely roots for 30 yards.

The sounds of the birds are changing. Vegetation is changing, I’m fairly sure this is wild lettuce. Don’t worry, I didn’t test it by having a salad on the trail.

Today’s camp and water source. The clouds have really blanketed the area this evening.

Today’s final stats:

5 thoughts on “Crossed My First 100 miles

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  1. Glad to see that Duece and Solo are still together! Love the pics! Especially that cool stump! Bear reports from ATC site continue well into the Smokey’s, so continued safe hike! Congrats on the 100 mile mark! You got this! Cheering you on from my spot in GA!!!! 🤗🤗🤗


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