First 5 Summit Day

Sitting here atop Cowrock Mountain, the third of 5 summits today. Up in the clouds. The summits are not as high as yesterday.

After leaving the Neels Gap outfitter, the AT literally runs through the place, my pack is back up to 42lbs. I was down to around 35 maybe.

Though I’m shouldering the load easier than day 1 already.

The rain so far has been entirely drizzle under the forest canopy it is actually really nice hiking in it.

Some really crazy trees:

If you wait long enough for the clouds to blow out, you can see great views.

Lush everywhere

I’m ending the night at Lowgap shelter with a large campfire and lots of laughs. Camped about 50 yards away. The bear cables are easy and convenient. There are about 12 guys here. Most of which I have run into at least 2-3 times at this point.

The 3 guys on the right are a hoot. I’ve named them the “Booz Brothers”. They have packs around 55lbs and are doing a 10 day section hike, with mail drops at every point consisting mainly of alcohol. They are having a party in woods. It’s funny how the trail stories developed as you encounter people time and again.

Oh, and they tried to name me “Lonestar”. I could hang with that, even have pride in that. But I think a trail name needs to derive from your experiences on the trail, not where you came from. So for now, I’m nameless.

Final days stats:

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  1. Glad you are still able to keep going. All I’m hearing on the weather channel is about heavy rain moving into the SE. Potential for stream flooding….. very slow moving system, multi day event. Could make progress difficult, dangerous or impossible till streams subside.


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