“Troubled bear” country

I got me some new water containers, and fresh legs! The early day yesterday and hostel time did me real good. Walked down to the store this morning to get coffee and ziplocks then took time to repack and extra waterproof things. A tropical depression is bringing rain to this area as far out as the forecast goes.

According to Burr, the local shuttle guide I used to get back to the trail this morning, the next 30 miles or so are the worst for bears. He says all the troubled bears that get a second chance from all around Georgia, get dropped around Blood Mountain. Apparently there is one old bear

that is known for following you down trail for as long as half a day if he’s bored. He’s been doing it for five years and never hurt anyone. Can’t imagine having a damn bear trailing me for that long! I wonder if he was screwing with me lol?

I’m on Big Cedar Ledges now. Great unobstructed view, to bad it’s so cloudy.

Blood Mountain is next. It’s the highest point on the AT in Georgia. Trying to make it to Neals Gap, 10.3 miles for today, by tonight.

Entire hill side covered in ferns. I can’t keep a fern alive in Texas!

Made it to the top of Blood Mountain, I might just stay here and experiment with the time lapse settings on my new camera and ride out the storm.

I ended the day at Neels Gap before the storm. There is a very quaint hostel here for $20, and until 5pm an outfitter and general resupply available. Showers two days in a row!

I just missed pizza 2 days in a row by 30 minutes too. This is Dweight, Strings and Dan getting pizza delivered. The drizzle indicating the weeks inevitable rain is just beginning.

Oh, and I never saw a bear.

Final stats:

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  1. Top of mountains gets a lot of lightning, lots of wind and colder temperatures….. I think I would choose a point about 2/3rds down the mountain. On top, lightning Is probably your most serious threat.


  2. I just saw your video clip of the shelter on Blood Mountain so disregard earlier comment about the lightning danger etc on top. Did not know you had access to a sturdy building. Nice.


  3. I recognize the kid with the glasses and dark hat. Time lapse storm shot would have been epic, although maybe not the safest thing to do! Leave your kite and key and get your bootie patootie indooors when it pours Ben Franklin! Love the blog!


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